Risk profile questionnaire

Knowing the risk profile can help investors to make the right investment choices as per their risk-taking capacity. Knowing your risk profile will allow you to plan better for your financial goals. Investors come with different risk profiles. The risk profile depends on various factors like your income, age and investment horizon.
IndiaNivesh helps to find out your risk profile through a questionnaire. The risk profile questionnaire is a type of risk assessment tool that will assist in finding out what kind of investor you are.
Answering the risk profile questionnaire is simple. All you need to do is select the answer that you feel right. The risk assessment tool will suggest the right asset allocation to help you fulfil your financial goals.

Which portfolio will you choose from the following? (The table shows the worst and the best one year return of five hypothetical investment plans)

Indicative Return Best Return Worst Return Risk Volatality
6% 6% 6% -
7% 12% 2% 2.5%
10% 30% -10% 10%
12% 45% -25% 12%
15% 60% -30% 20%