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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an investment facility offered by mutual fund houses through which investors can invest a certain amount of money at regular intervals. The main advantage of SIP is rupee cost averaging that averages out market volatility in the long run. This systematic investment helps to build discipline, fulfil your financial goals and create long-term wealth.
SIP calculator aids in your SIP investment journey. Online SIP calculator calculates the expected growth of your investment. Let us assume that you are planning to invest Rs.10,000 per month in a mutual fund for 10 years. With a projected average return, SIP calculator will calculate the growth of your SIP investment. It will show the total amount invested through SIPs. Considering a 12% average rate of return, the total investment will grow to nearly Rs. 23 lakhs with an investment of Rs.12 lakhs.
IndiaNivesh’s SIP investment calculator shows the growth of your SIP investment. You need to enter the monthly SIP amount, the number of years that you want to continue with SIP and the expected returns. The online SIP calculator will calculate the total amount invested and the maturity amount.
Systematic Investment Plan can also assist in achieving your financial goals. The financial goals of different individuals vary from each other. Whether your goal is to buy a car, second home or travel the world, systematic investment in mutual funds by using the mutual fund calculator will help you in this process.
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SIP calculator faqs

This easy to use SIP Calculator will show you how small investments made at regular intervals can yield much better returns over a long period of time. All you need to choose is the monthly investment amount, tenure in years and rate of return expected to arrive at your maturity value.
This is an advanced version of the basic SIP calculator; it would calculate your return post inflation. This gives a better picture of your maturity value taking inflation into account. You need to choose the monthly investment amount, tenure in years, rate of return expected and rate of inflation expected to arrive at your maturity value, pre and post inflation.
Inflation is defined as the increase of prices of goods and services over a certain period of time, as opposed to deflation, which describes a decrease of these prices. Inflation is a significant economic indicator for a country.
The statistic from Statista 2015 shows the inflation rate in India from 2010 to 2014, with projections up until 2020. The inflation rate is calculated using the price increase of a defined product basket. This product basket contains products and services, on which the average consumer spends money throughout the year.
This calculator determines the monthly amount you need to save through SIP to achieve a certain target amount at an assumed rate of return. You need to input the desired lump sum amount, number of years you have in hand to achieve the same and the rate of return expected on the investment. It displays the total amount invested in the given period, the monthly amount needed to be invested and the earnings on the investment.
This calculator helps you understand the impact of delaying your systematic investment by a certain year(s). You need to input the monthly investment amount, the investment tenure, the expected rate of return and the expected delay in investment. It displays the maturity amount if investment was spread over planned number of years and the maturity amount in the delayed number of years and the cost of delay.
This calculator determines the maturity amount of a present value lump sum investment, or a one-time investment, after a defined number of years. You need to key in the amount to be invested, investment horizon in number of years and expected rate of return to ascertain the maturity amount and the earning on the investment.