Mutual Fund


Mutual Fund Recommendations And Advisory

Mutual funds are at the core of many successful financial plans; we have devised unique products and services related to them:


IndiaNivesh Optimization Model (INOM) is a scheme selection model which is at the center of our scheme selection process and recommendations. INOM utilizes a scientific and tested model with a proprietary 3-stage process, which helps analyze schemes on a variety of parameters like portfolio quality, performance, stock concentration, etc.


We have classified funds according to their investment styles as well as the strategies employed. Our regular updates on recommended funds and their performance can help our clients make the right fund selection decision across various categories of funds.

SIP Investment Strategy:

Investors can build a portfolio over a period of time by instilling the habit of investing regularly. We help investors with Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) strategies that will encourage portfolio building. Our unique SIP recommendations in the form of SIP model portfolio can assist with SIP related decisions.

Advisory And Research Reports:

IndiaNivesh’s research team updates clients regularly on important market events, economic happenings and other related news that have a bearing on the customer’s investment decisions and portfolio. The analysts at IndiaNivesh help make sense of macroeconomic complexities and guide the customer’s decision making when it comes to the capital markets. Nivesh Wealth, our monthly publication, provides our clients a detailed analysis on economic events, key financial happenings and carries our recommendations and strategies.

Advice On Alternate Investment Options:

Along with mutual funds, fixed deposits, bonds and government securities etc. IndiaNivesh also helps investors with certain alternate investment options like:

  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Commodity Funds/ Sovereign Gold Bonds
  • ETFs, Reits & Real Estate Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Structured Products