Technical Research Reports


Our technical research team regularly covers important market events, economic happenings and other related news that may affect customer’s investment decisions and portfolio. Analysts of the technical research team at IndiaNivesh help clients to understand macroeconomic scenarios that in turn will help them make better financial decisions.

Research reports on technical analysis can help investors to make the right investment decisions as experts analyse stocks and also provide short term trading opportunities.

Here are some of the technical research reports published by IndiaNivesh.

  • Nivesh Overview : A daily research report that covers the latest news, market updates, market commentary, short term view on broader market indices such as Nifty & Bank Nifty and derivative analysis. It also includes one trading recommendation as a part of the technical stock research.
  • Nivesh Weekly Pulse : This technical research report on stocks (12 stocks with outlook on Nifty 50) is sent on a weekly basis to our customers, along with a short to medium term outlook on equity markets.
  • Technical Thematic : This report shows short-term trading opportunities in the market. Each technical stock research report comprises of a certain basket of stocks that might have some similar properties such as sector or if they are overbought or oversold. According to our research, the stocks from this technical stock research report has the potential to give attractive returns.
  • Derivative Report : This technical research report covers the activities of FIIs and retail investors in F&O segment with detailed statistics on Index and Stock Futures. We also release a Rollover Report on every derivative expiry.

Our research reports on technical analysis of the market & stocks, aid investors and traders to make the right investment choice and fulfil financial goals.

Technical cafe

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NiveshDaily Currency
06 Dec 2018
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Technical Thematic
31 Oct 2018
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Nivesh Weekly Pulse
22 Jan 2019
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Nivesh Overview
31 Oct 2018