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Fundamental Research Report


At IndiaNivesh, we understand the importance of fundamental research so that our customers can take informed decisions on their investments. That is why we have created a dedicated fundamental research department.

Fundamental research refers to a method of evaluating a company and its stock to understand its intrinsic value. At IndiaNivesh, we analyse the value of a company by examining several financial and economic factors as well as qualitative and quantitative factors.

How we do fundamental stock research

At IndiaNivesh, we analyse the fundamentals of a company after conducting an initial screening. We analyse among many other parameters:

  • Financial reports of the company
  • Debt ratio of the company
  • The company’s products, competitors, management and people
  • The price-earnings ratio
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Cash-flow statements
  • The balance sheet of the company
  • Prospects of the company 

 Our research analysts study all the factors which can potentially affect the value of the company’s stock, including company financials and management as well as macro-economic factors such as state of the economy and the sector the company belongs to. The analysis is aimed at producing a quantitative long-term value of a security, which can be compared with its current price. This detailed research helps indicate whether the stock in question is overvalued or undervalued.

What our fundamental research reports covers

Our analysts look at numerous factors, including:

  • The financials of a company
  • The sector in which the company operates
  • The talent in the company
  • The company management and its stability
  • Innovative products offered by the company – does it have any IP that will give it a competitive edge?
  • Current share price and how much of the company’s value is already priced in 


How fundamental research reports are created at IndiaNivesh

We at IndiaNivesh use real, public data to evaluate the value of a company from the long-term perspective. We determine the underlying value of a company by analysing their earnings, revenue, return on equity, future growth and profit margins. This also helps us understand a company’s potential for future growth.

With some of the finest professionals and research analysts at the helm, our fundamental research experts create regular reports highlighting the important market events and economic activities which affect the Indian stock market and its performance. We help you make sense of the macroeconomic complexities and guide you in your decisions of investing in the capital market.

Our Reports Include:
  • Nivesh Velocity Portfolio: A report comprising of short to medium term outlook of equity markets. Positional bias / view of around 10 stocks with an investment rationale for every idea. 

          Note: This is just a Model Portfolio (not part of IndiaNivesh PMS).

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Nivesh Velocity Portfolio