Strategic Investments


We at IndiaNivesh believe in extending our horizons sustainably through strategic investment management and efficient capital investment strategy. We keenly participate in investment opportunities through strategic and tactical asset allocation, given that it does not conflict with the prospects for our Private Equity funds.

Strategic Investment Fund

With the vision of evolving in a sustainable manner, IndiaNivesh assesses the risk-reward ratio of strategic and tactical asset allocation and designs a capital investment strategy that works towards potential profitability. Following this principle to the core, currently IndiaNivesh has utilised its strategic investment fund to tap areas of affordable housing finance and micro finance, two sectors where we see immense potential for growth.

Capital Investment Strategy

Investing wisely and proactively is the need of the hour in a burgeoning economy like India. IndiaNivesh is at the forefront when it comes to strategic and tactical asset allocation and strategic investment management in the distressed assets space. We believe this is a segment which has high potential for return on investment and presents various strategic investment offers. IndiaNivesh holds a robust track record in converting distressed assets into hugely profitable investment opportunities through apt strategic investment management and capital investment strategy.

Strategic Investment Opportunities

IndiaNivesh is committed to boosting the scope of strategic investment funding and plays a major role in the arena by reaching out to and creating a consortium of partners to co-invest with us in strategic investment opportunities. We ensure that the risks of strategic investment are minimal to our co-investors and in line with the expected return on investment. This enables us to cater to our partners’ requirement for strategic investment management through a capital investment strategy that is efficient and is well-calibrated.