Portfolio Management Services


IndiaNivesh Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is a SEBI-registered strategic portfolio management provider that ensures capital preservation and long-term wealth creation through the apt application of various PMS strategies and enhanced investment portfolio management solutions. Smart income can be created through IndiaNivesh portfolio management services that protects the wealth and enable it to grow to its optimum capability. Strategic portfolio management improves the investments capability of combating all economic situations that may arise going ahead. Keeping this factor in mind, we have introduced our most advanced and latest offering, ‘SPROUT’ portfolio. As the name suggests, this portfolio management process focuses on well-managed small and micro-cap companies listed in India. We have analysed and selected these specific companies for their strong and sustainable business models, which ensure that they become invaluable additions to your strategically managed portfolio, thus making IndiaNivesh Portfolio management services as one of the best portfolio management service in India.

Investment Belief:

At IndiaNivesh, we believe that portfolio management services in India will add value to our client’s portfolio since India is home to several small and micro-cap companies that are undiscovered and under-researched. Through our expert investment advisory team and innovative selection parameters that are a part of our PMS strategies, we are intent on finding these gems that possess a robust and sustainable business model along with tremendous growth potential. Optimally managed by dynamic entrepreneurs, these companies have the ability to generate significant wealth for their investors and by utilising this potential, we aim to remain as one of the best portfolio management services in India. Our constant endeavour is to design a cherry-picked investment portfolio management model for such companies so that our clients can experience portfolio management services that are far beyond the ordinary.

Investment Process:

Every portfolio management service in India becomes trustworthy and beneficial to the client by adopting a rigorous system that makes their portfolio management process failsafe. At IndiaNivesh, our robust investment process and PMS strategy includes a thorough quantitative screening of companies, filtering out the under-performing entities and putting the jewels under the portfolio management spotlight. Companies are diligently assessed across various parameters including financials, business sustainability and their competitive edge over similar enterprises. To ensure that this portfolio management process functions seamlessly, we conduct an all-encompassing due-diligence and monitor the companies rigorously post-investment.

Portfolio Strategy:

We have a well-delineated strategy to maintain a firm footing among the top portfolio management services in India. Our portfolio management process comprises the following strategies

  • A streamlined and intensively concentrated portfolio consisting of 15-20 companies
  • An investment time horizon of 2-3 years
  • Applying a bottom-up approach and fundamental analysis technique to choose and procure only the best companies for investment
  • Monitoring the companies in the portfolio diligently to make decisions regarding subsequent divestment or incremental exposure, as required
  • Creating a disciplined approach based on valuations and long-term prospects
  • Keeping in mind alternative avenues and opportunities as they come up