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IndiaNivesh Sprout is a SEBI registered PMS with an objective to create wealth for its investor through long term investment in small & micro-cap companies listed in India.

Portfolio Management

Investment Belief

At IndiaNivesh, we believe that there are ample small size companies in India which are producing high quality products or services, run by energized entrepreneurs, and have tremendous growth potential. These companies have the ability to generate huge wealth for its investors but are undiscovered & under-researched because of their small size. We intend to find such small opportunities for our investors through Sprout PMS.

Investment Process

Our repeatable investment process includes running various quantitative screening models to select companies which fit in our investment beliefs. We do extensive due-diligence on those companies – financials, business model, supply chain, customers etc. to differentiate the winners from the crowd. After investments, we continuously monitor all our portfolio companies through quarterly results & management meets to maximize our returns.

Portfolio Strategy
  • Concentrated portfolio of 15-20 companies invested for 2-3 years
  • Bottom-up approach to select quality stocks through fundamental analysis
  • Focus on companies which are undiscovered but have steady business models, run by promoters and generate healthy cash flows
  • Continuous monitoring of performance of portfolio companies to decide on increasing exposure or divestments
Sprout PMS 9.1% 15.4% 33.7% 26.5%
S&P CNX Nifty 8.3% 17.2% 21.2% 15.6%
BSE Small Cap Index 9.8% 22.2% 36.0% 23.9%


Private Equity

  • IndiaNivesh Growth & Special Situations Fund  is a Rs.1500 million Private Equity Fund which aims at providing high growth direct investment opportunities, in small and micro businesses, over a period of 4 to 6 years.  The fund is closed for subscription.
  • We acquire significant minority stake in investee companies, engage with the entrepreneur management team to achieve sustainable scalability, thereby creating value for the business and investors.
  • We invest in businesses having positive cash flows at an early stage, and our investment size is between Rs. 100 million to Rs. 250 million.
  • Experienced management team with significant investing and operational experience.
  • Presently invested in asset light B2C businesses, disruptive technologies/services, retail consumption, logistics and agri- businesses.