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Why start investing in mutual funds

Mutual funds have been shining brighter by the year in the country. But you may wonder why invest in mutual funds? The answer is simple: they are considered to be the ideal investment option for people not well-versed with the world of finance. You don’t need deep pockets to invest in them either. In this article, we look why invest in mutual funds makes sense. To start investing in mutual funds you need to know the reasons in detail as to why mutual funds can be an ideal option, especially if finance is not your forte.

✓ Convenient

It’s easy to get started with mutual funds. There are many fund houses that offer online facility to invest. Unlike demat accounts for stocks, there is not much paperwork involved in mutual fund investments. Systematic investment plan (SIP) by mutual funds is a convenient investing option for beginners. In systematic investment plan, money will be directly debited from your account on a monthly basis towards fund investment. It’s that simple. Along with offering convenience, it also inculcates a habit of investing.

✓ Affordable

There are many investors who step away from stock markets because they lack capital. However, mutual funds are affordable. You can start with as little as Rs.500 a month. The best part is that it gives you an opportunity to invest in a wide variety of stocks at a minimum account. Unlike direct equities, mutual funds offer you a maximum exposure at a minimal cost.

✓ Diversification

Mutual funds can help diversify your investment across various asset classes like equity and debts. Unlike individual stocks which are risky, equity mutual funds diversify the risk by investing in stocks of various companies across various sectors. For example, a balanced fund invests your money in both equity and debt instruments. This means that even if your equity investment isn’t doing too well, you can rely on your debt investment to get a return on investment. Therefore, diversification can help reduce risk along with optimizing returns.

✓ Liquidity

Mutual funds are highly liquid, meaning they can be bought or sold easily. Except tax saving schemes like ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme), mutual funds don’t have a lock-in period. Further, mutual funds also offer liquidity by providing facilities like systematic withdrawal plans (SWPs) and systematic transfer plans (STPs). While STPs afford you the flexibility to move from existing fund to better performing fund, SWPs allow you to withdraw a fixed amount from your invested fund at fixed intervals.

✓ Professional management

Mutual funds are managed by professional managers and experts who are in tune with the world of finance. Unlike with direct stocks, which needs you to do a lot of research, mutual funds reduce your burden by leaving this job in the hands of fund managers. Stock picking, tracking their performance and rebalancing if needed are done by fund managers.

✓ Competitive returns

Above all, mutual funds can offer ‘higher returns’ when compared to many other investment options. After all, everyone’s objective is to maximize their income. For example, debt funds have consistently delivered better returns than traditional bank deposits.

✓ Transparency

Mutual funds provide operational transparency. Net asset value of funds are declared and published on a daily basis. Mutual fund houses issue monthly fund factsheets that provide you details of portfolio holdings along with its performance.

✓ Regulated industry

The mutual fund industry is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), a non-statutory body that oversees securities market in India. As mutual fund houses operates under well-regulated structure, it focuses on protecting the interest of investors.

To sum up, it now makes sense to know why start investing in mutual funds. Armed with a variety of options like growth funds, income funds, sector funds and ELSS funds etc., there is a fund for every need and investment objective. You investment decision will have a significant impact on the growth of your hard earned money. Invest smartly!

What’s next?

Now that we know how to start investing in mutual funds online in India and the reasons, it’s important to be aware of certain misconceptions that shroud mutual funds. That’s because clarity can help you take rational decisions. Speak to a financial expert to know where to start investing in mutual funds that aligns with your goals and risk appetite.



Disclaimer: Investments in the securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing.