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Why You Should Review Your Investment Portfolio

Most first-time investors invest and forget, believing their money will work it out themselves. But having planted the seeds, your investment now needs tending to grow. Hence, monitoring your portfolio through portfolio management services could be a crucial step in achieving your goals.

Do not ‘set it and forget’

Once you create an investment portfolio, it needs to be well managed. You could manage it with the help of a portfolio tracker as an online tool. Portfolio management in itself is an art that involves building and managing various investments to reach the desired outcome.

Usually, long-term equity investments facilitate wealth creation owing to its high returns. While this is true, the concept of ‘set it and forget it’ may not be ideal. You need to actively manage the portfolio with an online portfolio tracker to outperform the market index.

Here are some steps towards a successful portfolio management:

What is portfolio management services?

  • Create a roadmap

You need to plan ahead before building an investment portfolio. Take a look at your financial situation, figure out your risk taking ability, and identify your goals. Have a plan in mind for every purpose. Planning makes your investing journey smooth.

  • Invest based on your goals and risk appetite

The important thing is to decide asset allocation as per your risk appetite and goal. Asset allocation helps you decide what proportion of stocks, bonds, gold etc. to invest in. Right asset allocation aims at balancing out the risk and return in accordance with your personal financial goal. Along with asset allocation, it is also important to make the right pick of assets. For example, when it comes to choosing equity shares, make a diversified choice. Invest in shares of different sectors as no particular sector performs well all the time.

  • Constant monitoring

To be an active investor, you need to monitor and review your portfolio periodically. It is also important to keep a tab on emerging opportunities in the market. With changing economic conditions and rising competition, it is crucial to keep a continuous watch on your stock.

  • Rebalancing

Active rebalancing is the key to staying on track with the right asset allocation strategy. Rebalance your portfolio in accordance with your financial situation, goals and risk appetite. Follow a disciplined approach and keep stirring your portfolio to make the most out of your investments.

  • Seek expert help

If you are hard-pressed for time, unable to handle it all by yourself and believe you might need an expert eye to oversee your portfolio, seek the help of a financial expert. After all, deciding the right allocation needs knowledge and expertise!


Through the use of benchmarks, you can get an idea of your portfolio's performance in relation to the stock market. At best, you expect your returns to mimic market ups and perhaps also exceed the relative norms. This is why smart investing is crucial to portfolio success.

Smart investing requires proper planning, right selection and constant monitoring. By using a stock market portfolio tracker you can pursue pre-set goals. Although there is no sure-shot formula for guaranteed success, a disciplined investment approach can potentially elevate the chances of higher growth in the long run.