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Financial Service Group - IndiaNivesh


IndiaNivesh is a full-fledged financial services company having a strong network of branches spread across India.The story of IndiaNivesh is in sync with the growth of India. As the country’s economy has evolved, so have the needs of investors and businesses. With over 11 years of existence and organizational experience of over 300 years, we have a deep understanding of financial markets. More importantly, we combine objectivity with our expertise to offer our services with a personalized approach. Our sales force has been acclimatized to deliver world-class services resulting in customers enjoying a pleasant experience while fulfilling their goals.

To ensure effective solutions for our customers, our experienced team has conceptualized and deployed technological tools that have been custom-built to analyze markets incisively and holistically.

At IndiaNivesh, we maintain the highest standards of ethos, client service and professionalism while keeping the interest of our stakeholders foremost. IndiaNivesh’s motto is “Trust, We Earn It” and we continuously earn trust by following our core principles and by excelling in delivery of products and services.


To be the trusted, change catalysing and value enhancing financial services group of India.


  • To provide customised and innovative financial solutions, while managing internal and external risks and challenges.
  • To enhance professional competencies continuously, with new technologies and game changing alliances.
  • To encourage entrepreneurship amongst our people, within our value system.
  • To exceed client expectations in all our endeavours.

Core Values


Brand Identity


Our brand identity says it all. A HANDSHAKE represents partnership and trust. A SHIELD represents security and longevity. A HANDSHAKE and SHIELD together represent --

  • Partnership - Long term association with our Stakeholders.
  • Trust - Which our clients bestow on us.
  • Security - Preservation of Capital.
  • Longevity - Creation of Wealth.

At IndiaNivesh, we strive to earn the trust of our clients while protecting their wealth. We believe that winning the trust and protecting the wealth of our clients is more important than achieving personal targets. It is certain that Growth is never by mere Chance; It is the result of different forces working together towards a common goal. It is this core thought that has helped us transform into a progressive financial services group not only in the country, but across the globe.


  • “Best Market Analyst (Infrastructure)”

    Zee Business India’s Best Market Analyst Awards - Year 2014

  • “Awarded As The Best Stock Picker (Pharma)”

    The Starmine Analyst Awards - Year 2014

  • “Best Market Analyst (Auto)”

    Zee Business India’s Best Market Analyst Awards - Year 2016

  • “Awarded As The Top Earnings Estimator (Banks)”

    Thomson Reuters Awards - Year 2016